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Industrial Applications

Due to their extremely high acquisition speeds, flexibility and repeatability, the HySpex Baldur series are well suited for a wide variety of industrial applications such as material inspection or quality control.

What makes the HySpex Baldur line ideal for industrial applications?


All Baldur cameras support multiple regions of interest (MOI). The Baldur V-1024N supports up to 8 independent regions and you will get a speed increase relative to the reduction of spectral bands from the native resolution. The S-384N and S-640i-N both support independent band selection from one band to the full range without being connected bands, here also you get a speed increase directly proportional to the reduction of the bands relative to the native number of bands.

All Baldur cameras have various FOV options for different working distances.


All camera can be triggered internally, and all cameras support several kinds of external triggering(TTL at different levels and LVDS). All cameras are operating in “Integrate While Read mode" making it possible to use almost the whole frame period for exposing the detector, this is very important when you will be running the system fast in the industry.


The Baldur line of industrial camera delivers the most information per data rate out of all hyperspectral cameras available today. And the speed is scalable with reducing the number of spectral channels readout.


All cameras are still delivered with a traceable calibration to NIST and PTB standard. They have a spectral resolution of two bands making it spectrally reliable when using multiple cameras with the same model/algorithm.

All Industrial camera within the same wavelength range have the same center wavelengths.

The design is originally made for airborne use and has been flying since 2003, the design is super robust and can withstand vibrations and harsh environments. HySpex has been delivering hyperspectral cameras since 2003 and has no products that have reached the end of life.

All Baldur cameras have less than 15% keystone and smile distortions per native pixel and native band, and less than 10% keystone and smile per effective pixels and effective band.

Light sensitivity

The light sensitivity of the industrial line is about 4 times higher than our classical system making it perfect for high-speed applications. 


All HySpex cameras; Baldur, Classical and Mjolnir are delivered with a high-end SDK and library that makes it simple to integrate the HySpex HW into any third-party software and hardware solution. 

Standard operation

In a typical industrial application, the HySpex camera is mounted statically above a conveyor belt using the belt motion for scanning.

The HySpex Baldur cameras can be delivered with three lens options:

  • 1m working distance with 16° FOV
  • 1m working distance with 40° FOV
  • 1.9m working distance with 40° FOV