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HySpex Baldur V-1024 N

Baldur V-1024 N covers the full VNIR spectral range from 400-1000nm and is configurable within one octave in the same range.

All Baldur cameras are Nyquist cameras giving a spectral resolution of 2 spectral bands while capturing 4 times as much light as the classic systems. To ensure that the most information per framerate is provided, the spectral resolution is kept very close to 2 bands. Additionally, the spatial resolution of Baldur V-1024 N is better than 1.7 pixels, yielding a very sharp camera.

HySpex Baldur V-1024 N configuration

Designed to be fast, flexible, robust and repeatable, HySpex offers the Baldur line of industrial cameras.

Baldur benefits

  • Flexibility: All Baldur cameras support multiple regions of interest (MOI).
  • Trigger: All camera can be triggered internally, and all cameras support several kinds external triggering.
    All cameras are operating in Integrate While Read (IWR) mode.
  • Speed: Maximized information per data rate of any hyperspectral camera. Speed scalable with reducing
    the number of spectral channel read-out.
  • Reliability and traceability:
    All cameras delivered with traceable calibration to NIST and PTB standards.
    All cameras within the same wavelength range have the same center wavelengths.
    Well-proven and robust design.
  • Light sensitivity: High speed acquisitions with light sensitivity 4 times higher than HySpex classic.
  • SDK: All HySpex cameras (Baldur, Classic and Mjolnir) are delivered with a high-end SDK and library
    that makes it simple to integrate the HySpex HW into any third-party software and hardware solution.
  • Fully integrated hardware and software solution

Spectral Range  400-800/485-960/400-1000 nm 
Spectral bands  72/88/106 
Max speed*  1000/800/700 
Spectral sampling  5.5 nm 
Spectral FWHM  <2 bands 
Spatial FWHM  < 1.7 pixels 
Spatial pixels  1024 
Keystone  <15% of a pixel 
Smile  <15% of band 
FOV  16° / 40° 
Bit resolution  12 
Noise floor  11e 
Peak SNR  >286 
Dynamic range  2560 
ROI*  8 independent ROIs 
Dimensions (l-w-h)  316 – 105 – 153 mm 
Camera Interface  CameraLink 

* Reducing the number of spectral channels with ROI will proportionally increase the max framerate

Working distance Field of View  Pixel size  Max speed (232 bands*)  Max speed (116 bands*) 
1.0 m  16°/293 mm  0.286 mm  0.22 m/s  0.44 m/s 
1.0 m  40°/748 mm  0.730 mm  0.56 m/s  1.12 m/s 
1.9 m  40°/1331 mm  1.300 mm  1.00 m/s  2.00 m/s 

* With square pixels. Reducing the number of spectral channels with ROI will proportionally increase the max framerate.

Download datasheet (PDF)