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Hyperspectral Applications Specialist (Geoscientist)

Due to an increased interest in our end-user solutions for Geology and Mining, HySpex is looking for a Geoscientist with a strong background in spectroscopy and/or hyperspectral imaging to join our team developing new applications for our hyperspectral imaging technology.

Hyperspectral Applications Specialist - Geoscientist

The position focuses on the development of end-user solutions for scientific and industrial applications in geology and mining using HySpex sensors. Examples of development projects include:

  • on-site mineral mapping
  • in-line mineral identification, quantification and sorting
  • classification of mining byproducts
  • analysis and classification of soils
  • evaluation of environmental impact from mining activities, etc.

Main responsibilities

The Hyperspectral Applications Specialist will interact directly with our customers to determine the best way in which our products can improve their research or commercial activity. The main tasks involved are:

  • Evaluating customer needs to determine whether our technology is suitable for their activities
  • Designing experiments and conducting feasibility studies
  • Implementing tests and prototypes on-site to demonstrate the capabilities of our products
  • Developing image processing workflows to generate customized image analysis models
  • Providing feedback to HySpex R&D for developing new instruments and systems

Required qualifications

  • Candidates must have an M.Sc. degree, or higher, in geology, geophysics, geochemistry, mining, or a similar branch from the geological sciences
  • Experience processing and analyzing spectroscopic data from mineral and geological samples
  • Working knowledge of hyperspectral imaging and/or VIS-NIR-SWIR spectroscopy and/or chemometrics
  • Working knowledge of one or more mathematical/statistical analysis software packages and techniques (e.g. multivariate analysis)
  • Hands-on experience planning experiments and collecting mineral/geological data from field and laboratory settings


  • The candidate should be able to work both in teams and independently
  • Analytical and methodical
  • Well-structured and capable of meeting deadlines
  • Interested in working in industrial environments
  • Enjoy solving technical problems and being capable of improvising solutions effectively
  • Capable of using basic mechanical tools
  • Willing to travel for work

Location: The position is based at Norsk Elektro Optikk AS main office in Oslo area, Norway.

Start date: as soon as possible.

Applying for this job: Please send us your CV including a 1-page Cover Letter mentioning the competencies that you consider make you a suitable candidate. Please state clearly your education and degree(s) in the letter too. Applications from candidates that don't meet the required qualifications and/or without a Cover Letter will not be evaluated.

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