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HySpex Baldur

Designed to be fast, flexible, robust and repeatable, HySpex offers the Baldur line of industrial cameras.

Baldur utilizes the same optical design as the classic systems, with some modifications. All Baldur cameras are Nyquist cameras giving a spectral resolution of 2 spectral bands while capturing 4 times as much light as the classic systems. To ensure that the most information per framerate is provided, the spectral resolution is kept very close to 2 bands. Additionally, the spatial resolution is better than 1.7 pixels for all Baldur models, yielding very sharp cameras, albeit not to the extremes of the classic and Mjolnir cameras.

Nyquist cameras

In contrast to a camera designed to be as sharp as possible, cameras can be designed to sample the point spread function (PSF) with more than one pixel.

To distinguish the camera designs, HySpex has added an “N” to the model name when approaching 2 bands Full-Width-Half-Max (FWHM) of the PSF in the spectral direction. The N indicates that the system has close to Nyquist sampled PSF spectrally. A Nyquist camera will be able to reproduce the actual spectrum, avoiding spectral aliasing.