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HySpex Mjolnir

Contracted by the Norwegian and French Ministry of Defense, NEO designed a high-end airborne hyperspectral sensor, with an optical architecture different from the classic cameras. Upon completion of the project, NEO used the optical architecture to develop Mjolnir – a very compact camera designed specifically for UAV use.

The HySpex Mjolnir hyperspectral imaging system for UAVs provides a unique combination of small form factor and low mass, combined with high-performance specifications and scientific grade data quality. The UAV bundle offered by NEO integrates a hyperspectral camera with an onboard computer and an integrated navigation system, all fitted into a self-contained module.

Being operationally fully independent of the UAV, HySpex Mjolnir cameras are designed to be compatible with a wide range of UAVs. APX-15 and APX-20 support dual IMU which is especially important when operating with the gimbal to compensate for the dynamic lever arm.


Turnkey Solutions that Utilizes HySpex Mjolnir