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Prediktera Software

Prediktera, a subsidiary of NEO/HySpex, provides state of the art software for research, application development and real-time analysis

Industrial Integration

A complete toolset

Move beyond manual scripting and juggling separate tools, and discover the easier and faster way to achieve success in hyperspectral imaging using Prediktera's software suite.

Prediktera Breeze lets you go from data acquisition, data analysis, application modeling to real-time analysis in a unified workflow.


Lab & Field


Breeze is Prediktera's premiere software solution enabling a wide range of hyperspectral imaging applications. It is used in research, application development, routine analysis and easily extends into real-time industrial solutions.

  • Speed up research and development of applications
  • User friendly interface for experts and beginners
  • For R&D and for real-time analysis

Industrial integration

Breeze Runtime

Breeze Runtime makes it easy to implement hyperspectral image analysis into existing systems and processes. Breeze Runtime enables real-time chemical quantification, classification and object identification of materials being scanned on-line in process.


Breeze Geo

Breeze Geo provides an all-in-one solution that covers every step from data acquisition and analysis to logging and exporting of mineralogic interpretations. Breeze Geo includes several efficient algorithms and modelling techniques allowing for advanced exploration and interpretation of the data. The software comes tihe built-in spectral library of a wide range of mineral. Additionally, you have the option to create your own custom library.

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