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HySpex SWIR-640

The HySpex SWIR-640 hyperspectral camera is developed for field, laboratory, and airborne applications.

HySpex SWIR-640 offers high spatial resolution by using a unique MCT sensor. The FPA is cooled to 150K using a sterling cooler, yielding low background noise, high dynamic range, and exceptional SNR levels. The camera offers an aberration-corrected optical system with high optical throughput (f/2.0), the data quality, sensitivity, and resolution is truly state of the art.

A wide range of close-up lenses allows the use of the camera at working distances ranging from a few centimeters, with a spatial resolution of 32 μm, to infinity for e.g. airborne remote sensing.

HySpex Classic SWIR-640 configuration

For lab and field use, a scanning stage is needed to scan the cameras and build the hyperspectral data cube of the scene. A user-friendly table-top lab setup with translation stage, VNIR-SWIR light sources, and close-up lenses can also be supplied for scanning of samples of varying sizes. The scanning speed is automatically controlled by the data acquisition unit, based on the selected lens option. The lab rack includes a camera adjustment platform, to facilitate camera focus adjustment when using different close-up lenses.


For field operations, NEO supplies a range of high precision rotation stages tailored to fit the specific operational scenario. Long-life Li-ion battery powered solutions are available for increased portability. To ensure stable and reliable acquisitions in challenging field conditions, rugged and portable tripods are supplied. NEO supplies a variety of tripods with pan/tilt heads that will accommodate the camera payload and rotation stage used.

High resolution and high speed, combined with low weight and power consumption, make HySpex cameras very well suited for airborne data acquisition. A typical airborne installation consists of the HySpex cameras coupled with an airborne data acquisition unit, a navigation system (IMU/GPS) and a mount- ing platform. Both actively stabilized and passive- ly damped mounting platforms can be supplied, as well as standard mounting plates with no damping. IMU/GPS solutions from leading manufacturers can be supplied and integrated with the cameras. Alternatively, HySpex systems can be interfaced with the customer’s existing navigational hardware.

Spectral range  960-2500 nm 
Spatial pixels  640 
Spectral channels  360 
Spectral sampling  4.38 nm 
FOV*  16° 
Pixel FOV across/along*  0.44/0.44 mrad 
Bit resolution  16 bit 
Noise floor  80 e- 
Dynamic range  7500 
Peak SNR (at full resolution)  > 800 
Max speed (at full resolution)  225 fps 
Power consumption  10 W 
Dimensions (l–w–h)  36 – 11– 15 cm 
Weight  4.1 kg 
Camera Interface  CameraLink 

*Can be doubled with FOV expander

Download datasheet (PDF)