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HySpex VS-1200

The HySpex VS-1200 hyperspectral camera is developed for airborne applications requiring extreme resolution in both VNIR and SWIR spectral regions.

The HySpex VS-1200 is a novel high-resolution instrument designed for airborne applications at altitudes greater than 400m.

The camera produces the highest scientific grade level data, commercially available, having FWHM less than 1.2 pixels spatially and less than 1.5 pixels spectrally. The combined VNIR-SWIR cube has coregistration errors, and smile and keystone of less than 10% of a pixel.

With 40 degrees FOV, the camera is ideal for mapping large areas with high accuracy and resolution.

The camera is delivered with an integrated high-performance IMU/GPS and data acquisition unit with removable storage bays as a standard. Existing navigation systems can also be integrated/utilized.

A standard passive damping solution is included as a part of the default delivery package, but mounting plates for active damping solutions, such as GSM4000 or PAV80 can be supplied.

HySpex VS-1200

  V-2400 S-1200
Spectral range  400 – 1000 nm  950 – 2500 nm 
Combined spectral range  400 – 2500
Spatial pixels  2400  1200 
Combined spatial pixels  1200
Spatial resolution (pixels) FWHM < 1.2 FWHM < 1.2
Spectral channels  400/200  300 
Combined spectral channels  680/490
Spectral resolution (pixels) FWHM < 1.5
(in 400 band mode)
FWHM < 1.5
F-number  F1.8  F1.9 
FOV  40°  40° 
Combined FOV  40°
Pixel FOV across/along  0.27/0.54 mrad  0.54/0.54 mrad 
Combined Pixel FOV across/along  0.54/0.54 mrad
Bit resolution (raw data)  12 bit  16 bit 
Noise floor  2.4 e-  80 e- 
Dynamic range  4400  10000 
Max speed (at full resolution) 285 fps  100 fps 
Power consumption*  150 W
Dimensions (–h)*  373 – 398 mm 
Weight* ~ 35 kg

*Including Data Acquisition Unit

High resolution and high speed, combined with low weight and power consumption, make HySpex cameras very well suited for airborne data acquisition. A typical airborne installation consists of the HySpex cameras coupled with an airborne data acquisition unit, a navigation system (IMU/GPS) and a mount- ing platform. Both actively stabilized and passive- ly damped mounting platforms can be supplied, as well as standard mounting plates with no damping. IMU/GPS solutions from leading manufacturers can be supplied and integrated with the cameras. Alternatively, HySpex systems can be interfaced with the customer’s existing navigational hardware.

Datasheet coming soon.